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One idea that ran through the literature of the United Fanners of Alberta was a concept of parity prices.
A list of fanners was prepared in each village and then 20 fanners were randomly selected from different sizes in proportion to their number.
Bedworth had been unlucky when Charlie Fanner somehow kept out Danny Dubidat's header.
Osborn Barr and DTN/ The Progressive Fanner finalize a licensing agreement in which DTN /The Progressive Farmer takes over all of the assets developed under RevCo, an agricultural data management business launched by 0+B Holdings.
A Strafford fanner has a business-plan that New England farmers, brewers and beer drinkers can all raise a glass to.
The topics include applying rock pyrolysis parameters in predicting shale oil favorable area, the effect of a specimen's height on the point load test, the simulation analysis of vector control systems with material properties based on mine fanner load and energy saving, treating drinking water with chlorine dioxide, and the biological and mechanical modification of pulp to improve the strength of paper.
On each of the three days the fanner would go to the field (nyaub ngarau) to slash with his slashing knife (dangol) two or three times along the ground, to "test" the field (nginyam rarau).
Characteristics of Respondents Offense Committed Frequency (Out of 18) Murder 4 Other violent offenses 2 Property offense 1 Drug offense (sale of Indian hemp) 5 Human trafficking 6 Religion Christianity 15 Islam 3 Marital Status Single 13 Married 4 Widowed 1 Ethnic Group Igbo 11 Hausa 2 Yoruba 2 South-South 3 Occupation Public servant 1 Trader 3 Fanner 2 Craftswomen/semiskilled worker 5 Other/students 7 Years of Incarceration Less than 1 year 4 1 -2 years 5 3-4 years 7 5 years and above 2
Gamma Normids--observed by Mary Fanner, who found peak acivity of nine gamma Normids in 1.
Fanner that persecution actually functioned as an important criterion for the canonizing of the New Testament, which he calls a "martyrs' canon" of Scripture.
Bedworth were gifted a third when goalkeeper Charlie Fanner threw the ball out straight to Andrew Spencer who virtually walked it into the net.
Research can fanner determine the major contributing factors to high toxicant exposures that can be prevented or mitigated.