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Ophelia is the fantasm that supports this unconscious circuit even as she delimits the place where Hamlet's own desire is difficult to retrieve" (66).
An important type of psychoanalytic literary criticism, moreover, consists in discovering and thematizing a childhood fantasm, which may have a phylogenetic as well as ontogenetic element.
This oasis started signifying to me as a gilt-trip for post-Holocaust fantasms dislocated yet somehow pacified by frequent feedings at Chez Bon Bon (the aptly named coffee shop) and the incongruous presence of prosperous Latin Americans.
In methodological terms, a reading of the fantasmatic reality of public events, and of what Laplanche and Pontallis call the psychic reality of the fantasm (315), should then mean the abandonment of any simple distinction between textual study and empirical analysis: empirical facts are textually, discursively, ideologically built; texts such as that of the casus are themselves real and are bound up with real structures of enunciative interest.
Although the novel proposes that Gabriel/le could not have known her true sexual identity until she was informed of it in adolescence and that she must therefore have been ignorant of the anatomical differences between the sexes, Massardier-Kenney insists that this is only the grandfather's fantasm "in keeping with the patriarchal prohibition of woman's desire and woman's knowledge" (131).
Ginnane had just completed Fantasm, a low budget sex film shot partially in California and featuring American hardcore stars John Holmes and Uschi Digart.
As fantasm, moreover, form, far from being universal, is differentially articulated across subjects and across time.
The fantasm goes like this: equipped with a hot line to suffering, the Jew enjoys a privileged relation to the WASPS' trauma and therefore can heal or at least witness or at least package it for them.