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Fantastic literature has a special potential when it comes to challenging possible ways of world-making.
But rather an attempt to provide an updated survey of approaches to fantastic literature as one stopping point along a spectrum that stretches from the purely descriptive to the wildly imaginative.
Their importance is, to an extent, related to the twofold enterprise they are both involved with: the literary inventions of "other-worlds" and the theoretical conceptions or critical treatments of mythic and fantastic literature.
fascism, Italian fantastic literature, Paola Masino, women writers
This allows her to consider the traditional male-centered viewpoint of fantastic literature and how Sand's story, with its female protagonist, differs from the "norm" (however one chooses to define that term for the fantastic).
Rosemary Jackson states that fantastic literature is one of the genres to emerge from the literature of fantasy and that it is generated by unconscious desires.
The idea of God as an omniscient, omnipotent being, who moreover loves us, is one of the most daring creations of fantastic literature.
This price guide, intended for the general public and fully illustrated in color, divides collectable paperbacks into seven areas: fantastic literature, mysteries, westerns, sports, media related, social issues, and miscellaneous, providing examples of each genre and price listings for the books in good, very good, and fine condition.
He is a professor of English and humanities at York University, specializing in fantastic literature.
Borges regretted he had not included Spinoza in his Anthology of Fantastic Literature because Spinoza's God, according to Borges, is a better example of an unbelievable invention than H.
It is particularly effective in terms of delineating the principle literary and cultural maps that orient his fiction (rural Basque life, Borges, Calvino, the Oulipo group and other XXth century European vanguards, metafiction, fantastic literature .
Then he presents a series of brief descriptions outlining the generic diversity of fantastic literature.