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Le Guin's stories helped propel the imagination of millions of readers: The Wizard of Earthsea, a story about a young boy who trains as an apprentice wizard at a school and must fight an evil that he helped set loose upon the world, was a gateway drug for an entire generation of fantasy fans and writers, a book Margaret Atwood called one of the 'wellsprings' of fantasy fiction it probably still would be, if J.
The mystery surrounding his origins and identity (3) became a lasting inspiration for artists in different fields, including fantasy fiction.
For a number of years he has had an interest in survivalist literature and fantasy fiction generated from thoughts of a Third World War aftermath.
How to Build a Human (C4, 9pm) Making artificial life has been the basis of fantasy fiction since Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein.
However, Peter Henrick's tale, (Talkback, August 20) is interesting only in the fact that it's fantasy fiction because it can be misleading.
Sir Terry Pratchett's March 2015 death put a period on a life filled not only with the production of fantasy fiction, but also with dedication to raising awareness about dementia, an affliction from which he suffered.
Are you one of those who call fantasy fiction something that's far-fetched and out of the realms of expected realism?
Tollen incorporates fantasy fiction, myth, and historical fact introducing a new generation of readers to the origins of the Western world in his book "The Jericho River: A Novel about the History of Western Civilization.
Remaining largely faithful to the original 1965 version, with its retracting swimming pool and folding palm trees, the setting for the much-loved show's revival was unveiled at Comic Con yesterday Lovers of fantasy fiction and comic books who flocked to the festival in San Diego got a taste of the show, which will launch on ITV next year.
Woodley, who seems to be riding high on the popularity of her upcoming fantasy fiction, Divergent, told Teen Vogue during an interview that the Bella-Edward romance is sending out the wrong message to youngsters.
I WROTE A BOOK The Journey by Roddy Brooks In our slot aimed at shining the spotlight on new authors, Roddy Brooks gives us the lowdown on the first instalment in his children's fantasy fiction trilogy.
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