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On the other hand, Zoren sees Mavy as action star on fantasy series ala James Bonds.
Sara Raasch: The "Snow Like Ashes" author returns with a new young adult fantasy series featuring double-crossing, treacherous magic and complicated questing.
Actress Emilia Clarke took to Instagram to write a farewell note to fantasy series Game of Thrones after wrapping up production of the final season.
Mullins, has re-envisioned two classic Fairy tales into a new four-part dark fantasy series for adults called "Rise Of The Snow Queen." Beginning with the well-loved classic "The Polar Bear King," Mullins builds an unexpected new direction for the lead characters.
Fantasy series require commitments--you could be in for one, five, or a hundred books, and you may be waiting years for the next volume.
Another epic fantasy series could soon find itself a television home, as Amazon is reportedly eyeing a television adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy series, "The Lord of the Rings."
Author Chase Blackwood, a veteran of both the US Army and Air Force, has released book 1 in his new fantasy series, The Kan Savasci Cycle.
TOP TIP Game of Thrones fans will be delighted to know that a lot of scenes for the epic fantasy series were filmed in this part of the North and you can join tours around the locations, including the Iron Islands, home of House Greyjoy.
Fouad said he appreciates and respects nurses and did not mean to insult them, adding, "It's a fantasy series which does not relate to reality." Kawthar has insisted she will file the lawsuit.
Martin's multi-volume fantasy series, the multi-award winning show has a star cast including Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner.
The 'Hardhome Embroidery', featuring the most feared baddie from the smash hit TV fantasy series, was originally created for the television network HBO as a backdrop to mark the release of Game of Thrones series five on DVD.
This edition's selection includes fluffs and foul-ups from hit shows such as period drama Mr Selfridge and medical comedy Doc Martin, as well as fantasy series Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.