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Now, with a dozen novels under her belt, she's emerged as a favourite new fantasy writer, with magic, ritual and otherworldly spirits and deities - drawn from Nigerian myths and legends - running through her books.
But when a fantasy writer takes the opportunity to cast a spell over the past, it provides a different sort of magic.
Desire for revenge is something everyone can relate to, says ace British fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie.
Clair is a fantasy writer who draws on his global travel experiences, including Scotland, Australia and Tibet, to create his work.
The Game of Thrones fantasy writer recently began collaborating with Z Nation author Michael Cassutt on a pilot titled Captain Cosmos.
While she may never develop the sort of following that Martin has garnered (in large part thanks to a mega-hit television series), she is one of the best sword-and-sorcery writers working and one of the rarest--a fantasy writer with impeccable storytelling chops who knows a good character when she creates one.
The former Dresden Dolls singer, wife of acclaimed fantasy writer Neil Gaiman and cult performer has flown under the radar her whole career, but those globally who know her truly adore her.
Creator Robert Jordan died in 2007, but this final volume comes from the notes, scenes and an outline left behind by him when he died, is enhanced by consultation with his widow, who edited all of his books, and is polished by seasoned fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson.
Interest in the fantasy writer, who was raised in the city between 1895 and 1911, is expected to soar when the film version of his famous book hits cinema screens later this year.
Science fiction and fantasy writer Sherwood Smith, who often writes for young adults, predicts that Fairytale "will delight" and calls Gribben "a bright and shining new talent.
IF you're a person who always knows where their towel is, it's likely you're a fan of the fantasy writer Douglas Adams.
Wanting to offer you a short story to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season, we turned to Ray Bradbury, the legendary fantasy writer and an esteemed member of The Saturday Evening Post's Fiction Advisory Board.