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Tess Noncoire, the successful fantasy writer and Celestial Blade Warrior, is at it once again, and this time her enemy is called the Norglein, something of a dark elf who has managed to enter our world from another dimension and has made his home in a Portland forest, where he attacks unwitting women, impregnates them, and then steals their babies when the hybrid creatures are born.
The fantasy writer, who has Alzheimer's, wants tribunals set up for people to apply for legal permission.
This is the second installment in this talented young fantasy writer's series about the young Dragon Rider Eragon (following Eragon).
The award is given annually to a science fiction or fantasy writer from the Pacific Northwest.
Fantasy writer Ray Bradbury is still busy writing despite his advancing years.
Christopher Tolkien (with fantasy writer Guy Gavriel Kay) completes and publishes his father's mythopoeic The Silmarillion ...
Most were condescending, but there were one or two who offered some serious advice and, by his late teens, he had come to the attention of August Derleth, publisher of the American fantasy writer HP Lovecraft, at the Arkham Press.
The Discworld fantasy writer, 59, who has sold more than 55million books, was diagnosed with the disease in December.
WITH 50 million copies of his Discworld books sold, fantasy writer Terry Pratchett has a lot of fans.
This is a glorious opportunity, and I intend to enjoy myself.' - Sci-fi and fantasy writer Tom Holt, whose contribution, Someone Like Me (Orbit), features sinister creatures killing humans for meat.
Writing under a female pseudonym, fantasy writer John Vornholt has created an unusual, satisfying premise that will delight anyone who was ever on the fringe of the popular crowd.
Fisher, who is from Newport, is an award-winning fantasy writer, the author of 13 books for children and two volumes of award-winning poetry.