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Joe Abercrombie, one of Britain's foremost contemporary fantasy writers, has been likened to master storyteller with a knack of creating characters with pathos and wit.
However, despite being a fantasy writer, his ideas are often grounded in reality.
Club President Justinas Zilinskas is a fantasy writer as well as a famous international law specialist.
However, the high fantasy writer who creates alternative worlds perhaps has a different story and will not find here the deeper layers where story touches on myth, philosophy and what it is to be and to know.
Here fantasy writer Diana Paxson offers up a guideline to trance and out of body experiences, covering experimentation, memory, pathways to higher levels, and more.
WE'RE ALL big Terry Pratchett fans in our house, so it's sad news indeed that the fantasy writer and has developed early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.
how the brain processes metaphor--and that he was the partner of a brilliant fantasy writer (Megan Whalen Turner).
When her favourite Uncle Gordon, a fantasy writer, dies unexpectedly, she is surprised to find she is to inherit the bulk of his estate on her eighteenth birthday.
This influences my reaction when people dismiss fanfic as akin to scribbling in a coloring book, as the fantasy writer Robin Hobb did in an anti-fanfic diatribe posted on her website in 2005.
Brad Strickland works well on his own and has earned his place as a powerful fantasy writer in his own right apart from John Bellairs.
Clegg, the out New York Times best-selling horror and fantasy writer, turns the Round Table upside down in his first fully gay novel.
Two films aimed at younger audiences but holding some interest for the older crowd are Jon Favreau's ``Zathura'' and Dave McKean's ``MirrorMask,'' the latter based on a script by fantasy writer Neil Gainman.