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Mullah Mazharudin, an imam at the Salman Farse mosque in Baharak, said there were 800 students at his school, including 300 girls.
Mohammadi Ashtiani, a jailed woman facing a death sentence, Iran's Farse news
La scala di Seta, the third Rossini farse and an excellent collaboration with the librettist Giuseppe Foppa, is an operatic treasure for a host of reasons.
Also on the bill are Kids In Glass Houses, Attack Attack, Farse, Blakfish, Me vs Hero, Saving Aimee, Out of Sight, Young Guns, Prego and UK Now
The only saving grace with this farse is when the Government realises the revenue from congestion charging will be less than the set-up costs and it will be much simpler to put 1p to the cost of a litre of petrol in incremental increases - this way every body pays fairly.