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Neuromuscular plasticity studies (6,24) have suggested an increase in muscle fiber length of muscles subjected chronically to eccentric work, while a reduction (6) or maintenance (24) of fascicle length has been observed in muscles working concentrically.
Scar dimensions (upper graph) and pennation angle of superficial, deeper and "typical" fascicles of the biceps femoris (lower graph) during the intervention period.
Neurofibromas (NF) consist of less discrete neural bundles, lacking well-formed fascicles separated by clefts.
In her third chapter, Socarides reads Dickinson's process of sewing the fascicles in relation to her engagement with the genre of the elegy.
There was extensive necrosis of the ulnar nerve fascicles involving the entire ulnar nerve in our patient.
Each fascicle arises from a common tendon attached to the spinous process of individual lumbar vertebrae with fascicles attaching to the mamillary process of the inferior vertebrae, the iliac crest and the sacrum (Macintosh and Bogduk 1986).
Identification of the individual splayed nerve fascicles as they spread over of the tumor is critical in determining the entry through epineurium.
The fascicular structure of the lower sciatic nerve and the relationship of individual fascicles to distal nerve branches and terminal muscles will indicate the initial feasibility of selectively activating individual fascicles within the lower sciatic nerve using a single proximally located cuff electrode.
Two fascicles of Volume VI (1355-57) appeared in the late 1920s while the remaining ten fascicles of Volumes V-VII, covering less than two decades (1346-63) of the reign of Vaclav's father, Charles IV, appeared at irregular intervals from 1958 to 2004.
However, an alternative role for perimysium is reviewed, which involves the definition of slip planes between muscle fascicles which can slide past each other to allow large shear displacements due to shape changes in the whole muscle during contraction.
Regarding its internal conformation, two fascicles in the proximal segment and four fascicles in the distal segment were identified.