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Any Italian who found themselves on the Consul's list of anti-Fascists had no chance of ever returning to Italy whilst the Fascists remained in power.
Nevertheless, in the political arena, the red belonged to the left and the black to the fascists, and cartoonists kept that distinction firm during this period, but in the caricature the red monster is a displacement of Mussolini, who has swept away any tendency to moderation and compromise and wishes to 're-establish', following Farinacci, 'the death penalty for the enemies of fascism'.
Perhaps the best way of putting this argument in the present context is to say that Fascist manipulation of the physical fabric of Rome failed to achieve what it most intended: the reconfiguration and monumentalization of the city singularly to represent the political breach with the past that was the aim of its revolution.
That frustration springs from two sources; first, that the Fascists' actual policies had little in common with classical liberalism (which was, in fact, the set of ideas they opposed), and second, that the actual Fascist policies were much closer to those now espoused by the leftists who frequently throw the epithet around--hence, the descriptive term liberal fascism.
Ricci's Cinema and Fascism departs from studies that attempt to rescue popular cinema and the work of proto-neorealist auteurs from the taint of fascist ideology.
Aa Morales made a series of strategic concessions on the size of land-holdings exempt from land reform, ceding judicial and fiscal powers to the fascist regional rulers and conceded control of the roads, highways and plazas to gangs of well armed neo-fascists.
Suddenly heavy fire broke out behind the women from the Fascists who were using them as a trick.
There's probably no harsher accusation in American politics today than the tag of fascist.
AFTER defeating fascists and communists, can the West now defeat the Islamists?
Bush administration spokesman Tony Snow says the president is shifting from the long-standing term "war on terror" in favor of "war with Islamic fascists.
The political intrigues in Caltagirone climax with the visit of Il Duce, to whom the local fascists dedicate a new town in the Sicilian countryside, Mussolinia, never to be built.