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Others here have more 'interesting' fashion sense I don't think I'd like it if Tomas dressed so quirky.
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, alias 001, is known for his unique fashion sense.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 1 (ANI): At a young age, Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt has proved that her name cannot be omitted when it comes to fashion sense.
Our grown-up daughters these days don't complain and approve of our fashion sense so much that after they visit my wife, Maria checks the wardrobe to find out what they have taken.
Fawad Khan has a dapper fashion sense even while he is jet-setting.
Justin Bieber was clearly honing his fashion sense with his dad in this snap, which gives us some idea of where things started to go wrong.
At 48, Salma Hayek says she's more comfortable with her looks than ever and her choice of classic pieces flattering her curvy figure suit her relaxed and stylish fashion sense
This is the contributing editor to Vogue magazine even got several quotes from the prominent members of the fashion community to weigh in on the family's fashion sense.
WEST Midlands women care more about what their daughters think about their fashion sense, rather than their partners.
The wife of Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny is coming under online scrutiny for her lack of fashion sense.
It's dreadful what she wears, She is a very nice-looking lady, but it's a non-starter regarding clothes that suit her" Fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood questions US First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion sense "Music of all kinds should be taught in all schools, free for everyone.
Inspired by fashion from Denmark to New York, the music star said: "Pretty much anything and everything influences my fashion sense right now.