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The former first lady lamented Saturday her fashion sense, divulged when she fell in love and shared how she dealt with personal struggles on a popular Turkish television chat show, Hadi Gel Bizimle (Come and Join Us).
She said: "I think Coleen always looks stylish, she has a really good fashion sense, and I would marry Katie Price, I think she is amazing
She also has a mouth like a sailor, the fashion sense of a supermodel and a heart of steel--not to mention the love life of a rabbit, which is hardly a secret, as if she cares.
Purses, messenger bags, backpacks and luggage made from recycled materials and sustainable fibers don't just make a statement about their owners' fashion sense, but about their environmental ethics as well.
For Sarah's outfits we went to Fashion Sense, a boutique on 9 Station Road, Newburn.
Sex is Everything on Cold Crush was released at a time when electro punk was mid stride in a good three-year run, and bands were still rushing out to pick up a cowbell for their drummer and a hot girl with good fashion sense to play keyboards.
Questionable fashion sense aside, this energetic five-piece could start a party in an empty room.
In the above ad, Monsieur Z's chic figures and fashion sense are evident.
Her work's playful humor and wide swaths of found fabric may recall Sigmar Polke and his textile paintings, for example, but Schnitger's formal gamesmanship is more obviously inflected by a fashion sense that places style over substance.
doing so can not only raise questions about your fashion sense, but more importantly, about your professionalism and competence.
Hair shows your degree of health, stress, grooming, and fashion sense.
It takes good fashion sense and good consumer information to stay on top.