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Retailers and manufacturers should find ways to reinvigorate this category for women by setting a new fashion statement, one that treats socks as an accessory, something special, and not a basic commodity.
Minus temperatures can be brightened up instantly by the face of Santa Claus or a classic Christmas pudding displayed as a fashion statement, plus they willhelp keep the heating bills down
She was winning for the fifth time from 11 starts this year, but had proved no match for comfortable winner Fashion Statement when managing only fourth in the Italian Oaks back in June.
Or maybe we could have a makeover show where five bikers go into someone's garage and exchange their SUV for a 10-speed, or where bus passes become a fashion statement.
A crooked collar retainer on your tank's bore evacuator is more than a bad fashion statement, crewmen.
For example, a fabulous designer top matched with a skirt or pants from one of the super value-pricers (H&M, Mexx, or Zara) and last season's designer footwear (found on sale at Century 21) constitute a trend-setting fashion statement.
She left the fashion statement to Harvey, who was decked out in designer gear including a DKNY sweatshirt.
I'm not here to make some sort of fashion statement.
I am over 40, a pensioner in fact, and a grandmother, and I regularly wear shorts, not to make a fashion statement, but because they are comfortable and healthier when the weather is suitable.
The outdated fashion statement previously adopted by the likes of Geri Halliwell and Gillian Anderson was ruled unacceptable by the KFC management in Northampton.
You could be making more than just a fashion statement when you pull that concert T-shirt over your head.
I remember that when I had an eye operation and came to work wearing bandages, he treated it as a fashion statement and said, "I would have thought you'd choose to wear a black eye patch, like the Arrow Shirt man.