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But today it's Amy Winehouse's gravity-defying barnet inspiring fashionist as to supersize their hair.
IT was handbags at dawn yesterday as fashionist as rushed to snap up pieces from Madonna's range for high street giants H&M.
They're all cool fashionist as who are at the forefront of fashion.
I'd even go so far as to say that women like Kournikova and her ilk have brought tennis to the attention of non-sporting fashionist as in a way that a full blown "let's all start watching the tennis" PR drive couldn't have hoped to have achieved.
For fashionist as, buying the work of a "hot" artist gives the same thrill as getting a must have Prada handbag or a couture dress.
Maybe not as much as before, but the wheels are still turning and fashionist as still must have those "must haves
Made exclusively for Cricket, it's a fashionist a favourite and - at only a tenner - will leave plenty left to put towards the next Balenciaga.
No premiere is complete without a Hollywood golden girl wearing vintage couture, while rising fashionist as such as Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen have become trendsetting experts at mixing the old with the new.
Fashionist as the length and breadth of the country will lose an icon in Carrie Bradshaw.