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The core point of the proposed adaptive power control is to use the relationship between the fast fading and the Doppler frequency by the mobility of device.
Depending on how rapidly the transmitted base band signal changes compared to the rate of channel change, a channel may be classified either as a fast fading or slow fading.
Compared with those professional lunchers, the French or the Spanish, who savour and relish their midday break away from work, the traditional lunch hour in Britain is fast fading.
The trauma of Vietnam is now fast fading from the collective memory.
The Millers survived a late onslaught after Guy Branston was sent off for a second booking - but the result did nothing for either side's fast fading play-off hopes.
DAYLIGHT was fast fading at Balmoral and there was still no sign of the Queen Mother, expected back after fishing the glorious waters of the Dee.
The days of dodgy 80s nights as an excuse for carrying on boozing are fast fading with the nation's clubs offering a real reason to have a hangover at work.
In this day and age when there is a digital calendar on the laptop or cell phone, the custom of having a calendar on the wall or on the desk is fast fading out.
With the fast fading economic climate of the UK, it is time the community showed this man the appreciation and the respect he deserves.
Assume that the channels between two nodes are subject to Rayleigh fading including fast fading and slow fading chanels.
Most males have fantasised about getting their hands on the famous jug but now the allure is fast fading, the prize nowhere near as tempting.
Eight others went into a play-off in which the last place was gained in fast fading light by Yorkshire county player Grant Jackson (Garforth) at the seventh extra hole with the clock well past 9.