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In addition to its complete and flexible networks, Taiwan has more than 1,300 fastener manufacturers in three well developed fastener clusters.
Steve Baker, Marketing Director from FMW Fasteners said: "Wouldn't it be incredible if we could get a couple of these fasteners and auction them off for a great cause.
New demand for fasteners in the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and construction markets will outpace that of maintenance/repair/operation (MRO) markets through 2013.
Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they were unlikely or very unlikely to turn to 3D printing as an alternative to purchasing fasteners from specialists.
The first edition of the show effectively impressed over 10,000 visitors and professional buyers from different countries of the world with a full range of fasteners and fastener manufacturing equipment provided by more than 200 local suppliers at the venue then, and generated considerable post-show business that has been widely renowned as a big success.
When the wind blows, you must batten down the hatches, lock the latches and secure the quick release pins and fasteners for all doors.
The motorcycle industry is an example of a market suited for intelligent fasteners.
Low out-gassing makes PEEK suitable for corrosion-resistant fasteners in aerospace applications.
Sales of higher performance specialty product types, which include most application specific standard fasteners and aerospace grade fasteners, will register the strongest gains, with demand for these two product categories expected to exceed $3 billion in 2007.
The first flap fastener cover comprises a pair of longitudinal side portions, a pair of end portions, a releasable surface facing the first flap fasteners and an opposing surface.
What: NYSTAY temporary locating patch Why you should care: This polymer that is applied around the entire circumference of each fastener allows manufacturers to pre-install components and replaces old methods of using plastic washers to hold solid rivets.