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Although traditional anthropometric measurements such as BMI and waist-hip ratio may be used, the assessment of BC gives the more valuable information for distribution of fat mass, fat-free mass, total body water and other parameters.
2012) Preservation of fat-free mass after two distinct weight loss diets with and without progressive resistance exercise.
Resting metabolic rate (RMR), Fat-free mass (FFM) and Fat mass (FM) were determined by means of the BOD POD[R] system, based on air displacement (Life Measurements Instruments) (Siri, 1961).
Prediction of fat and fat-free mass in male athletes using dual X-ray absorptiometry as the reference method.
It was found that the MTB bikers produced significantly less work and had lower values of body water percentage, fat-free mass, body mass, and body height than the road cyclists.
Correlation analysis between current FFMI and the ESM and CAF scales Sport Physical Physical ability condition attractiveness Fat-Free Mass Index -.
Development and validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis equations for predicting total body water and fat-free mass in North-African adults.
Reduced bone mass and fat-free mass in women with multiple sclerosis: Effects of ambulatory status and glucocorticoid Use.
Aging involves significantly reduced resting metabolic rate (1) and a loss of fat-free mass (2), (18), (19), (21), (22)
In 1 year, their fat-free mass increased by an average of 3.
However, resistance training improves muscular strength and endurance, enhances flexibility, changes body composition specially decreases fat-free mass, and decreases risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but few studies have reported changes in IAAT after resistance-exercise training (RT) (3).