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SHEEP. A wether more than a year old. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 331, S. C.

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The results of this study demonstrate novel associations in which the C allele had a positive effect on fat-tail weight and backfat thickness in fat-tailed sheep [17].
LTD (China) by using wool samples from four breeds of fat-tailed sheep coarse (Kazakh coarse wool sheep - CGC, Saryarkinskaya - SKG, Edilbayevskaya - E, karakul breed - K).
A handful of shepherds, walnut-skinned elderly men wearing thick wool coats and sporting red and white checkered kuffiyehs, watch over flocks of fat-tailed sheep.
Qazi explains that it's impossible to get one of the most important ingredients for authentic Afghan food in the United States-the fat-like lard from indigenous fat-tailed sheep.
Wheeling and dealing goes on over fat-tailed sheep and long-haired goats.
In this study, LHb gene polymorphism was analyzed by the sequencing technique, SNP mutation sites of LHb gene were detected in five sheep breeds including Lanzhou large-tailed sheep, small-tailed han sheep, Mongolian sheep, large-tailed han sheep and Yuxi fat-tailed sheep, in order to further provide reference to investigate the genetic mechanism of reproductive performance in sheep.
In this study, we examined the ontogenetic expression of Lpin2 and Lpin3 in two breeds of fat-tailed sheep with phenotypic differences in tail fat phenotype, and analyzed the associations between gene expression and slaughter and tail traits, with the aims to reveal the ontogenetic expression patterns of the two genes and explore the potential functions of lipin2 and lipin3 in fat metabolism as well as other possible metabolic pathways in sheep.
The most important branch of the agricultural sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan traditionally is sheep breeding, where fat-tailed sheep is dominating in meat and fat production.