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Storage systems such as SD cards and USB interface storage used by the majority of VEDR devices use the FAT32 file system.
For some reason, you can't use this utility on a FAT32 drive.
Also, if you have even one bad physical sector (a fault on the surface of the disk, which is common on older disks), Windows 98 won't convert the files to FAT32.
Format external SD card from your PC as fat32 or extfat
Una desventaja de este programa es que guarda el video en formato AVI, el cual ocupa demasiado espacio en disco cuando se trata de archivos de buena calidad (VCD, SVCD o DVD) Ademas, el limite de un archivo almacenado en un disco con sistema de archivos FAT32 es de 4GB, por lo que si se usa el programa bajo Windows 98 o ME, quiza solo se puedan guardar capturas de 12 minutos en calidad de VCD (352 x 240 pixeles).
By default it supports all the most popular file systems such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, and EXT.
0 offers an ability to split FAT and FAT32 partitions and undelete FAT, FAT32, Linux ext2 and NTFS partitions that have been previously deleted.
They include improved administration tools; support for new hardware; and a more efficient file system - unfortunately known as FAT32 - which allows bigger drives to be formatted as a single volume, and allows disk drives to hold more information.
FileX supports all FAT file formats, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and, now, exFAT.
It is distributed as a raw disk image which includes both FAT32 and ext3 disk partitions, and it must be direct-written to an SD card.
Pre-installed formatting software lets users easily switch between exFAT, FAT32, HFS+ and NTFS formats, and an LED indicator lets users know the status of data transfers.
Right-click on the RAW space and choose Format but ensure file system is changed to FAT32.