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Deadly or mortal; destructive; devastating.

A fatal error in legal procedure is one that is of such a substantial nature as to harm unjustly the person who complains about it. It is synonymous with reversible error, which, in appellate practice, warrants the reversal of the judgment before the appellate court for review. A fatal error can warrant a new trial.

A fatal injury is one that results in death. It is distinguished from a disability in accident and disability insurance policies, which includes those injuries that prevent the insured from doing his or her regular job but do not result in his or her death.

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But, he believed that reckless driving, unnecessary hurry and a lack of patience by drivers were also responsible for fatal traffic accidents.
But the worldwide fatal rate just for 2018, at 0.6/100,000, is lower than the 0.80 GA average and lower than COPA's 0.78 three-year rolling average, a trend that may or may not sustain.
The most common driving error leading to fatal two-vehicle crashes was a failure to keep in lane (41%), followed by failure to yield right of way (25%), and speeding (17%).
Two of those were fatal incidents - one of which happened between Betws-y-Coed and Swallow Falls on Sunday, July 9.
In this circle, a total of 975(26%) RTCs were reported, including 185(19%) fatal and 790(81%) non-fatal crashes.
In 2014, there were only two fatal attacks across the region, which stood at 0.9 percent compared to 183 incidents in which no one had been killed.
Graduated driver licensing programs grant driving privileges to new drivers in stages in an effort to reduce fatal crashes.
Hindi man yan fatal, siguradong iikli naman ang buhay mo.
In contrast, falls on the same level accounted for more injuries with days away from work, but fewer fatal injuries.
CDC's case definition for AHT and data from the National Vital Statistics System were used to examine the trends in fatal AHT during 1999-2014 using Joinpoint trend analysis software.
New York (AirGuide - Inside Air Travel) Fatal accident totals involving amateur-built and experimental category aircraft dropped significantly during the 12-month period ending on September 30, 2015, according to Federal Aviation Administration data.
A preliminary total of 4,679 fatal work injuries recorded in the U.S.