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Deadly or mortal; destructive; devastating.

A fatal error in legal procedure is one that is of such a substantial nature as to harm unjustly the person who complains about it. It is synonymous with reversible error, which, in appellate practice, warrants the reversal of the judgment before the appellate court for review. A fatal error can warrant a new trial.

A fatal injury is one that results in death. It is distinguished from a disability in accident and disability insurance policies, which includes those injuries that prevent the insured from doing his or her regular job but do not result in his or her death.

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What makes Mini Kiss so popular and so special, Louis Fatale says, is the fanbase that was established by the original group.
When she first started working on the show about a year ago, Vik did not initially feel a personal relation to the femme fatale concept.
Typically, critics regard the femme fatale as the natural consequence of shifting gender roles post-World War I, as women increasingly left the home to join the workforce.
The formula at Femme Fatale seems to be working, as Bartol pointed out she does almost no advertising.
When she does take centre stage, the French fatale may possess all the seductive qualities and powerful agency of her American sister, becoming, either directly or indirectly, the cause of the male protagonist's fall (and often her own).
Finally, every Femme Fatale needs a full length mirror in order to put together that 'killer' outfit.
FEMME FATALE: Emma Stone TOP OF THE COPS: Josh Brolin (second right) fights back against the Mob
But the femme fatale is no ordinary female character; and so a film noir in which she plays a part will be an uncharacteristic mystery, since the enigma to be solved is associated with a prior crime or crimes as well as an elusive persona.
Overall Femme Fatale is a smash hit and a must for anyone's iPod.
A defence lawyer has told the court that Amanda Knox, the American student convicted of killing her roommate, is not a manipulating, sex-obsessed "femme fatale" but is rather like Jessica Rabbit - just drawn that way.