Father is passing himself off as daughter to collect inheritance

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

Hello. I believe I've been left some money from a friend of the family who recently passed away. The situation is difficult. My parents divorced when I was two, so communication b w parents is ZERO. And the people who passed away, did not know about the lack of relationship I have with my father (whose side the relationship/friendship is on) I believe my father has been left money from them/or is about too. But then I also noticed, that he's been using my name, at least initials (as we have similar names) I've had problems with my Social Insurance/Identity in the past, and always believed he was involved. I don't want too confront him, as it would cause bad blood (as we've been trying too work on our relationship) nor just ask him for money, that I think might belong too me. I believe I know of the company (in New York City) who is acting as their trustee, but I want to go about this anonymously. So I my gut instincts tell me, he's passing off as me in order too inherit the money. I could be totally wrong. How could I go about finding this out?


Thee is no easy way w/o really asking or filing in court.
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