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He had looked forward, with more anticipation than even he himself had realized, to the thrill which he had supposed fatherhood would bring, taking it entirely for granted that he would feel a bond with this small reincarnation of his own being, but after the first week of attempting to get interested in the unresponsive bundle that was his son, he decided the idea of a baby had certainly signified in his mind emotions which this tiny, troublesome creature, with a voice like a small-sized foghorn, did not cause to materialize.
But having known woman, and love, and fatherhood, and the belly-delights of eating, he had passed on beyond.
She theorizes paternal postfeminist melancholia as the dominant affective register of the male melodrama of postfeminist fatherhood, but also addresses the variety of other formations of postfeminist fatherhoods in contemporary American popular cinema, including post-9/11 avenging fatherhood, fatherhood as a means to negotiate the implied physical decline and social obsolescence of aging, fatherhood as a means of transcending troubling dimensions of immature masculinity, and contrasting "ghettocentric" versus deracinated discourses of African American fatherhood.