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He, as noted above, called for a return to the Fathers of the Church, to the sacred Hellenism which had been baptized and purified as an eternal and perennial category of historical Christian Orthodoxy.
In reality the Fathers of the church lived at different eras, related their writings to distinct cultural, historical, ecclesial and theological contexts, and were not seldom engaged in controversy with one another (here it is enough to mention St John Chrysostom and St Epiphanius of Cyprus, St Cyril of Alexandria and Theodoret of Cyrrhus, St Joseph of Volotsk and St Nilus of Sora).
In 367, the bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, Athanasius, one of the great Fathers of the church, wrote to the monasteries and said, "I know there are a lot of secret, illegitimate books that you like, get rid of all of them--except for 27.
Craig Hanson and the Fathers of the Church editorial board have done the admirable service of bringing forward otherwise unrelated works of two major fathers of the Iberian church.
Patristic theology, I suggested earlier, is to be distinguished from knowledge about the fathers of the church.
Claiming intensive study of the issue, Speaker Pelosi said that the early Fathers of the Church, particularly St.
There are lots of tasks and functions in the history of the church--starting with the sisters of the fathers of the church, up to the Middle Ages when great women played fundamental roles, up until modern times.
The Fathers of the church, however, insisted that the children died for the sake of Christ and instead of Christ.
from California, who criticized the Fathers of the Church such as St.
Under a growing mutual conviction that the original fathers of the Church have been largely dismissed or ignored in recent times, they have re-read texts ranging from On the Incarnation by Athanasius to Augustine's Confessions, from Origen's scholarly Treatise on the Passover to the letters of Ignatius of Antioch begging for crucifixion.