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As for fault pattern recognition, fault diagnosis is cosnsidered as the problem of multi-classification after the fault data is detected online.
An example of fault diagnosis by means of probabilistic logic reasoning.
In the second test, the faults from the ASHRAE 1312-RP Summer 2007 dataset (Li and Wen, 2007) were used for fault diagnosis to analyze the proposed technique.
A similar pattern-related fault modelling approach, called functional fault model, was proposed earlier in [15] for the module-level fault diagnosis in combinational circuits based on solving systems of Boolean differential equations.
Two-class classification is useful but not suitable for fault diagnosis (FD) in its original form, for FD is always a problem of multiclass classification or pattern recognition.
As already pointed out, fault diagnosis is a challenging area of research in complex system analysis.
From the analysis, it is seen that support vector machine(SVM) based classifier works as an elegant classifier for fault diagnosis of three phase induction motor, in the sense that, average MSE on testing and cross validation samples is consistently observed as reasonably low such as 0.
Not only would such a system speed troubleshooting and proper fault diagnosis, it would also perform the same function as prognostics by supporting the building of better authorized stockage lists.
5 intelligent software platform, which powers the Uplogix 3200 and Uplogix 430 appliances to automate routine system maintenance, configuration, fault diagnosis and recovery operations of distributed network devices and servers.
The team challenges included a technology transfer task, building an electric car and a vehicle system fault diagnosis and all were supervised by apprentices from local companies.
Work from home to deal with support calls from some of our clients abroad and complete remote fault diagnosis.
He added: "In many cases, a manufacturer's repair time is only a guideline, and may not allow sufficient time for fault diagnosis, or for the repair to be carried out.

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