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"The entire initiative puts the team under real-life filmmaking circumstances and gives them the chance to produce their first feature film so they can launch their careers from then on."
The script should be innovative, focused on an authentic local story and written for a feature film that exceeds 60 minutes.
Narayanasamy handed over the Best Feature Film Award to Chezhyian for 'To Let' while Actor Adil Hussain presented the Best Editing (Feature) to Chezhiyan who accepted it on behalf of A.
'Cassidy Red' (USA) by Lauren Ivy was awarded best production design, and best cinematography in a first feature film, Viktor Gasic, for 'The Forest' (Germany -- Czech Republic.)
His first short feature film, Breathe Out, premiered at the 8th Dubai Film Festival and won the jury special mention prize at Muhr Arab Short Competition.
Drawing inspiration from faith, family, cross-cultural friendship and self-discovery, the four feature films serve as a window into the creative aspirations of Qatar's emerging filmmaking talent.
"And if that was not enough we are also delighted to welcome back Eldar Rapaport (Iris Prize winner 2009) who will chair the Best Feature Film Jury."
Martin Scorsese to chair feature films jury of 13th FIFM
Pakistan also won Silver Medal in the category of Best Feature Film of SRC Region for "Seedlings- Lamha".
A society in distress; the image of the Czech Republic in contemporary Czech feature film.
Mike The Pike Productions (MTP) (OTC: MIKP), developer and producer of feature films, graphic novels, literary assets and concert/events, disclosed that its subsidiary, Saint James Films (SJF) will produce and market up to ten feature films in 2012 or a minimum of not less than 5 pictures.
"Mandoo" (tired) jointly produced by Iran and Iraq's Kurdistan is to be showcased in 35th competition line-up of the event in Discovery section.The section is dedicated to feature films with new creativities.Discovery involves 27 feature films from different countries including Sweden, Greece, the US, Australia, Italy, Argentina, India, Spain, Cuba, Canada, Mexico, France, Uruguay and China.Toronto Film Festival runs on September 9-19."Mandoo" was premiered in 63rd edition of Locarno Film Festival in the Netherlands which ran August 4-14.Ebrahim Saeedi has already won Silver Medal of Film Festival of Nations in Austria in 2003 for his "Rojgiran".