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The first independent feature film directed by a woman in Quebec, La Vie revee is Mireille Dansereau's cinematic declaration of independence for Quebecoise women, long marginalized in the province's culture and politics, both before and after the Quiet Revolution.
Historically, when labor contracts are due to be negotiated, feature film production has more of a tendency to remain local and to begin earlier in the year in case there is a work stoppage, industry sources said.
Other projects include: the feature film version of the 1970s television series ``Starsky & Hutch'' starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller; the family film ``The Polar Express'' starring Tom Hanks; the comedy ``A Cinderella Story'' starring Hilary Duff; and the romantic comedy ``Win a Date With Tad Hamilton
Telefilm Canada announces a $165-million Feature Film Fund over five years to assist in the production and distribution of feature films.
The lack of feature film activity brought location filming numbers for the month down by an overall 14.
I always imagined that Alex would make a wonderful feature film.
Feature film production in Los Angeles had its busiest month of the year in May with such new films as George Clooney's ``Solaris'' shooting and cameras continuing to roll on major studio fare including ``The Hulk'' and ``Daredevil,'' according to May statistics released Thursday by the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
With a number of features to its credit, Shaftesbury was well aware of the challenges involved in getting feature films on Canadian screens.
Involvement in the local industry is also invaluable to the feature film being developed, she says.