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The range of CNS manifestations ascribed to these viruses includes asymptomatic infection, febrile convulsions, seizure disorders, meningitis, meningoencephalitis, facial palsy, vestibular neuritis, demyelinating disorders, hemiplegia, and, rarely, fatal encephalitis (14-18).
much more common in young children during the winter and need treatment to reduce the risk of febrile convulsions - epileptic-type seizures in young children with high temperatures.
Around one in 10,000 febrile convulsions is associated with postimmunisation fever.
The study compared diazepam with a placebo in 406 children who had previously had at least one febrile convulsion.
They suggested extraintestinal spread of rotavirus at an early phase of rotavirus infection with systemic symptoms, including high fever and febrile convulsions.
Prophylactic administration of paracetamol to reduce fever or febrile convulsions after vaccination in infants can result in reduced antibody responses, according to a new study.
search Charity Competition' Jaiden started last year with what was originally thought to be febrile convulsions, but these got worse to the point that he was in and out of hospital.
I remember being told a series of presentations of children with febrile convulsions had presented to PMH and at least one was in the hospital's intensive care unit.
We had read a little about febrile convulsions before this happened, but you don't really appreciate how scary they can be until it happens to your child.
Results: Mean serum zinc concentration of patients who had febrile convulsions was 110.
Simone says that, in specific cases, it has caused injury, including "serious harms such as narcolepsy and febrile convulsions, and even a neurologic disease called Guillain Barre.
Australia recently suspended the use of H1N1 vaccine in under-fives because of an increased incidence of febrile convulsions, and Sweden and Finland have found a link between the same vaccine and an increase in the incidence of a form of narcolepsy in adolescents.