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Spore dispersion in consequence of rodent dispersal depends upon habitat use by rodent taxa, defecation pattern, and diversity and abundance of viable spores in feces.
Do not pitch tents or place sleeping bags in areas in proximity to rodent feces or burrows or near possible rodent shelters (e.
This passage suggests that chickens sometimes come into contact with human feces because employees are forced to defecate where they work.
Since levels of heavy metals in the feces of birds reflect the background abundance of these pollutants this can be a useful indicator of heavy metal pollution in the environment.
com/2017/10/13/arkansas-man-accused-of-throwing-feces-at-officer/) confronted a police officer with feces back in October, as well.
Of the 102 samples, 5 (1 soil specimen, 2 bandicoot [Isoodon macrourus] feces samples, 1 sample of an individual mosquito, and 1 pool of 2 mosquitoes) were positive for IS2404.
Without a camera, but will do it for sure, but if there's no a hair in feces.
Leptospirosis is a disease contracted when floodwaters contaminated with leptospira bacteria from rat urine or feces enter the body through the eyes, nose, mouth or open wounds.
Some opposition sympathizers are appalled at the plans to use feces, both animal and human, calling it an unsanitary and inappropriate tactic even in the face of a government they despise.
Breast milk samples and feces of breastfed infants were selected to achieve isolation of their microbial flora.
Feces were "several inches thick" in most of the house, the affidavit states.