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Breast fed infants are less likely to suffer from serious illnesses including gastroenteritis, asthma, eczema, respiratory infections, pneumonia, ear infections, otitis media and sudden infant death syndrome2-4.
The Fed has been wary to combat inflation with further rate rises in recent months because it doesn't want to further crimp economic growth, which has slowed from a brisk 5% in the first quarter to 2.
Yet another is setting the federal funds discount interest rate, also known as the overnight rate--the rate at which Fed branch banks loan money to each other (generally overnight).
By July 1997, the Asian financial crisis had hit, and the Fed had to maintain low interest rates so that a healthy American economy would be an engine of growth for the rest of the world.
Catching this trend before it showed tip in statistics was one of the great successes of the Greenspan Fed.
Mayer admires Greenspan, and gives the impression that the Fed will not be as effective in the future, after he is gone.
I studied a group of patients with loss of swallowing ability and found that they could be successfully fed orally using a calorically-dense formula.
The association was strongest for types of liquids fed on the maternity ward: Compared with infants fed exclusively breast milk at that time, infants also fed formula had a more than doubling of the risk of not being exclusively breast-fed, fully breast-fed and breast-fed at all (adjusted hazard ratios, 2.
It looks as if the Fed is still using a traditional Phillips curve tradeoff between falling unemployment and rising inflation.
A new generation of electromagnetic feeders is coming to market that will revolutionize how fine powders are fed.
Yet the Fed minim among the least accountable institutions in American politics.