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SURPLUS. That which is left from a fund which has been appropriated for a particular purpose; the remainder of a thing; the overplus the residue. (q.v.) See 18 Ves. 466.
     2. The following is an example of a surplus; if a thing be put in pledge as a security to pay one hundred dollars, and it be afterwards sold for one hundred and fifty dollars, the fifty dollars will be the surplus. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 697. See Overplus; Residue.

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"People will still need to know more than the facts." His comments followed a short speech urging editors to provide complete coverage of the ongoing budget debate focused on the use of the federal surplus. He also emphasized the need for increased reporting on the 2000 census.
Only months ago, federal forecasters seemed to agree that we would pay enough taxes to produce a $992 billion federal surplus over the next 10 years.
government documents and contemporary newspapers, Rousseau finds that neither the official distribution of the federal surplus to the states in the spring of 1837 nor an international shock was at the heart of the crisis.
* 1033 or Federal Surplus Property Program: Provides assistance in transferring excess military property, such as vehicles, communication towers, riot helmets, clothing and gas masks.
The long-awaited federal surplus may fund a public acquisition land rush.
For example, the FY 1999 federal surplus included a $125 billion surplus from Social Security and a $1 billion deficit in the rest of the federal budget.
"What's this budget problem in Washington?" "Isn't there a federal surplus now?" These are common questions as Congress continues to struggle with allocating funds.
In the State of the Union message, President Clinton expressed his vision that the nation should use its federal surplus to save social security first (Balz, 1998; Clinton, 1998; Pianin, 1998).
In another case, a Boston station had accused a former New England college president of illegally obtaining building materials, spare parts for airplanes and other supplies from a federal surplus program.
Charges against GNP were unaffected, and the Federal surplus was increased.
The Veterans Small Business Enhancement Act, legislation that overwhelmingly passed both the Senate and the House in December, would allow Veteran small business owners to acquire equipment and personal property that the federal government no longer has a use for by adding Veterans to the list of eligible recipients for federal surplus personal property, which already includes women and minority small business owners as well as Veterans Service Organizations.

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