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AIDS, Engl. law. Formerly they were certain sums of money granted by the tenant to his lord in times of difficulty and distress, but, as usual in such cases, what was received as a gratuity by the rich and powerful from the weak and poor, was soon claimed as a matter of right; and aids became a species of tax to be paid by the tenant to his lord, in these cases: 1. To ransom the lord's person, when taken prisoner; 2. To make the lord's eldest son a knight; 3. To marry the lord's eldest daughter, by giving her a suitable portion. The first of these remained uncertain; the other two were fixed by act of parliament at twenty shillings each being the supposed twentieth part of a knight's fee, 2 Bl. Com. 64.

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The only sure way to protect cats from feline Aids is to prevent their exposure to the virus.
There is a gene--called the rhesus macaque restriction factor--that's known to block infection of FIV, According to Mayo scientists, the goal is to create cats with built-in immunity to the feline AIDS virus Scientists would like to some day insert protective genes that could fight HIV in humans.
A Neutering offers health benefits to cats, such as preventing cancer of the womb in females and reducing the risk of catching feline AIDS (FIV) in males.
The $175 covers first and second distemper shots and deworming, a physical, rabies shot, a combo test to ensure the cat does not have feline AIDS or leukemia, and neutering/spaying.
While at the vets one day with her cat Molly, Retz was informed that Molly had Feline Aids.
Neutering also prevents male cats from wandering and smelling and reduces the chances of both male and female cats catching feline leukaemia and feline Aids.

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