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The disease is virulent systemic feline calicivirus (VS-FCV), a highly contagious and potentially fatal mutation of traditional calicivirus.
For example, subgenomic RNA species have been identified, with 5' ORF2 sequences, in 2 caliciviruses, namely, feline calicivirus (26,27) and rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) (30).
senior vice president of Research and Development at AVI, said, "Our antiviral research program has produced antisense drugs active against West Nile virus, feline calicivirus, hepatitis C virus, and murine hepatitis virus, a coronavirus.
June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- When virulent systemic feline calicivirus (VS-FCV) strikes, aggressive action is needed to keep the highly contagious and often deadly disease from wreaking havoc within a veterinary practice.
In Calicivirus, AVI had previously reported a successful study where kittens treated with NEUGENE survived a Feline Calicivirus outbreak in Atlanta.
Further preclinical in vitro testing has demonstrated Microbisol's immediate kill of viruses, including HIV, rotavirus, feline calicivirus, Avian Flu and Influenza A in aqueous suspension.

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