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Number Ten was grinning broadly, while Number Three advanced cautiously toward one of the creatures, making a low guttural noise, that could only be interpreted as peaceful and conciliatory--more like a feline purr it was than anything else.
A feline howl had broken the stillness of the night, followed instantly by a sharp report.
Hence it is quite credible that the presence of a feline animal in large numbers in a district might determine, through the intervention first of mice and then of bees, the frequency of certain flowers in that district!
Stooping with one of his quick feline pounces, he placed the slipper upon the blood mark on the sill.
I see the cunning of insanity, the suspicion of insanity, the feline treachery of insanity in every line of this deplorable document.
My Lady's maid is a Frenchwoman of two and thirty, from somewhere in the southern country about Avignon and Marseilles, a large-eyed brown woman with black hair who would be handsome but for a certain feline mouth and general uncomfortable tightness of face, rendering the jaws too eager and the skull too prominent.
Here he perched, hurling twigs and epithets at the raging feline beneath him.
It was a true feline screech, impossible to localize; but it was interrupted by a sob, a snarl, a fierce spitting, and a scuffling, coming unmistakably from a room on the floor beneath, in which, at that hour, the older girls assembled for study.
I have several paper and plastic crazed felines at my home.
The infection of [approximately equal to]500 cats with H7N2 subtype viruses in animal shelters in New York in December 2016 suggested efficient replication of these viruses in felines.
Nowhere is this clearer than in Ancient Egyptian art and culture, from paintings of felines to mummified cats buried with their masters' remains.
The book is educational on feline mentality when interacting with humans and offers enjoyment of various moments with felines without owning one.