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SAFE Haven is the Triangle's authentic no-kill feline shelter.
Ultimate Survivor - Tales of feline survival after those nine lives have been spent.
Coinfection with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukemia virus (FeLV) was demonstrated in 21.
But it claims that feral cats are aggravating an already desperate situation by hunting smaller creatures and possibly spreading feline leukemia and feline pan-leukemia to Florida panthers.
This history dovetails with the theme of the royal feline in classical African art--with the whiskers on the cheek of the Olokun Walode head from medieval Nigeria, and with the superb leopard statuary that suggested beauty and intimidation at the court of Benin City in the 1550s.
With the arrival of holiday guests, they wrestle with hiding unattractive cat and dog beds while keeping their feline and canine friends fanciful and frisky.
ROSAMOND -- Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's Feline Conservation Center will host its second annual Kids Day fundraiser, aimed at teaching youths how they can contribute to preserving endangered wild felines.
Feline finding The discovery of the gene mutations that produce black cats prompted discussion of whether the widespread mutations once protected felines from an infection (163: 147 *).
Carnivores such as large felines may acquire the infection through the alimentary tract by eating infected meat (4).
By knowing a cat's status, the cat owner can properly monitor and care for their cat and also help curtail the spread of FeLV and FIV to other felines.
As a leader in children's and family licensing and entertainment, 4Kids Entertainment is the perfect partner to help CFA highlight the public's appreciation and interest in all felines and the pedigreed cat.