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His fellow workers favoured him with scowls and black looks, and made remarks, slangily witty and which he did not understand, about sucking up to the boss and pace-making and holding her down, when the rains set in.
Beside Denisov rode an esaul,* Denisov's fellow worker, also in felt cloak and sheepskin cap, and riding a large sleek Don horse.
He speaks of Caswall being a pupil and the fellow worker of Mesmer, and states that though, when the latter left France, he took away with him a vast quantity of philosophical and electric instruments, he was never known to use them again.
TODAY men and women from across the island of Ireland will stand in solidarity with their fellow workers.
His fellow workers found his body and alerted the police who later handed it over to the family after legal formalities.
Joy Limpangon, a worker of an agricultural company sold cloth bags bearing a tagline that calls for support for her fellow workers who are demanding regularization.
I count on you, my fellow workers in government, to help keep our communities and country safe and secure, he said.
However, fellow workers discovered the three individuals unconscious on Monday morning.
LABOUR is to scrap laws barring people from taking industrial action to help fellow workers abroad.
Sammy hung up his tools and cycled off into retirement on a new 10-speed racing bike he received as part of his retirement presentation from fellow workers and directors.
Footage available with media showed Shehzad wielding a handgun and issuing directives to fellow workers held hostage inside the factory.
The footage shows a worker, Saleem Shehzad, wielding a handgun and issuing directives to fellow workers.

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