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The twelfth-century Jewish philosopher and physician Maimonides also identified the need for fellow-feeling in the medical practitioner.
I scan the faces of those I pass in the rubbery, roller-painted corridors for signs of fellow-feeling, but I can read nothing.
Our own wisdom, experience, fellow-feeling - and fact-checking - are strong defenses against being snookered, too.
It provides a succinct rationale for self-affirmation, fellow-feeling, and community solidarity.
She sides with the sympathizers, proposing to "reclaim or even refine the language of fellow-feeling in the interest of social justice" (14).
So, Smith's answer does not amount to a full resolution of the fellow-feeling paradox and such a resolution cannot be investigated here (Khalil 2007).
Among the topics are if horses had hands, post-meateating, rat feeding experiments in early vitamin research, animals and the Renaissance anatomies of human exceptionalism, fellow-feeling with chickens, and human-nonhuman libidinal relations.
In various ways, their novels worry the premise that sympathy requires knowing, that fellow-feeling was dependent on some measure of epistemological certainty.
The problem is not that altruism or fellow-feeling cannot be contrasted with nontuism, but that altruism and fellow-feeling are not the only--and not the most worrisome--of tuistic preferences.
See Theodore Roosevelt, Fellow-Feeling as a Political Factor, CENTURY (Jan.
Fellow-feeling is just how your brain works, and understanding that is important because Gervais wants to harness it for dramatic ends.
Having established the reasons and support for fellow-feeling and honesty, Smith goes on to note that ambitious people frequently do not know for certain what they are pursuing.

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