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Sympathy or fellow-feeling is critical to good management, for by it, "we place ourselves in [another's] situation, we conceive ourselves enduring all the same torments, we enter as it were into his body, and become in some measure the same person with him " (1982, 9).
104) At the same time, sadness (tristitia) descends on the one who "is unwilling to take delight through fellow-feeling [pie] in the good of another.
I'd like to let at least some of the American people know that Australians' long-standing fellow-feeling for our trans-Pacific cousins is being tested by your president's obsessive march to war.
Jerry said: "I saw Prince Andrew the other night and there was a real fellow-feeling between us.
Fellow-feeling between readers and characters is the central goal of Kelman's most deeply humanist collection; it is via the bridge formed by imagination that all the other barriers culture and society erect can be surmounted.
However just it may be on the side of the opprest, yet it doth not in the least, or rather ought not, abate that love and fellow-feeling which we ought to have for our brother fellow men" (1-2).
So I'm wondering, can a man like Galeano, can the rest of us, continue the struggle without hoping, without believing, without the nice-nice, without the fellow-feeling and martyrdom that make past uglinesses, cruelties, and sufferings palatable?
He first delineates a zone of fellow-feeling across the social order in early seventeenth-century England.
I didn't know the man from Adam's blue ox, but did not feel-inclined to share much fellow-feeling with him, much less embrace or even respect his ill-formed and mean-spirited opinion.
He was practically alone today in seeing laughter as being a sign of fellow-feeling for someone.
Yet he is sufficiently like ourselves in kind, that is in humanity, to arouse the fellow-feeling Aristotle calls philanthropia.
I seemed to detect in myself a sort of sneaking fellow-feeling for the mummy in the museum, and a desire to swap news with him.

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