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125) While legal scholars have analyzed the effect of these biases to proximate cause inquiries in tort litigation, (126) scholarly work examining the implications of these psychological phenomena to the felony murder rule is still in its infancy.
27) Thus, a felony murder rule extends liability beyond traditional murder to those who cause death in the pursuit of a felony and their accomplices, without one of these mental states.
Historically, the felony murder rule was unnecessary under common law felonies because all felonies were punishable by death.
1 ("At common law, murder [can] be established by proof of malice aforethought or by reliance on the common law felony murder rule that holds that the defendant's intent to commit the underlying felony substitutes for the 'malice' element otherwise required for a conviction of murder.
To appreciate the effects of the felony murder rule, it is necessary to understand how California law defines and punishes various homicides.
Lawyers said that under the state's felony murder rule a defendant found guilty of intending to commit a crime in which someone dies -- such as arson in Alvarez's case -- is held liable for murder even if he did not intend to kill anyone.
The jury found Parker guilty of both premeditated/deliberate murder and murder under the felony murder rule.
Pillsbury joins a long line of theorists who reject the felony murder rule (which its country of origin, England, rejected by statute almost half a century ago).
Under the state's felony murder rule, Montgomery police have charged three Faulkner University students in the aftermath of the shooting death of a fellow student athlete and alleged accomplice in a burglary attempt.