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Thus, the aim of this research was to extract fermentable sugars from oil palm mesocarp fibers using alkaline pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis process and then to find the optimum parameter for biohydrogen production via light independent fermentation process.
Thus, the ethanol producer costs increase without using such an antibacterial agent, as it is more difficult to control the opportunistic bacteria, and consequently the fermentation process does not run efficiently.
A momentous rise in the ratio of butyrate to acetate is found in bio-butyric acid fermentation process with limited amount of glucose and C.
Figures 1 and 2 respectively show the amount of sugar consumption during the fermentation process in the three times the test was carried out and their average, in which the horizontal axis shows the time (in days) and the vertical one shows the amount of sugar existing in the fermentation environment (in [degrees]Brix).
The fermentation process, dubbed ABE for the three chemicals produced, was discovered by Weizmann around the start of World War I in 1914, and allowed Britain to produce acetone, which was needed to manufacture cordite, used at that time as a military propellant to replace gunpowder.
The focus is on technical aspects of the fermentation process itself, rather than on economic or organizational matters.
Now, the company is formulating a fermentation process using bacteria to create a non-animal-derived chondroitin.
Alcoholic fermentation process Before beginning the fermentation process, fresh cocoa juice was analysed to determine certain chemical characteristics such as pH, moisture content, titratable acidity, sugar content and inorganic component.
The company, based on Aberystwyth Science Park, invented and patented the Biomass Monitor, a unique method for measuring live cells in solutions during the fermentation process for developing new drugs.