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Fermented beverages (foods) are exempt from acidified foods canning regulations.
The increased--acidity and simultaneous drop in pH have been documented in other African fermented beverages [4, 8, 19].
Apple wine refers to the fermented beverage obtained from apple, and its production, including cider brewing, constitute an important industry in the world [15, 16].
The beer produced at the brewery was Chicha, a fermented beverage that served as a dietary staple.
Vinegar can be made from any fruit- or grain-based fermented beverage.
Exported bulk wine declined 22 percent to $34 million; champagne and sparkling wine totaled $28 million; dessert wine, $24 million; and grape must and other fermented beverage exports, $25 million.
It depended on the occasion and on the kind of folk, high or low, that would determine what the fermented beverage with the meal would be, but these beverages were certainly part of the diet, and still are.
Moving on to the drink menu, McGovern says, "I was especially interested in trying to recreate the fermented beverage.
We have pears that ripen earlier than the normal harvest season, old English pears that provide a fermented beverage of interest to some microbreweries, and pears with Siberian or Manchurian ancestry that could extend production into cold climates where there is no commercial pear production," says Postman.
Results from the microbiological analysis of the Ethiopian fermented beverage, borde, reported an average aerobic mesophilic count [AMC], LAB and yeasts counts of 9.
Champagne and dessert wine exports rose 29% to nearly $33 million, dessert wine and vermouth increased 1% to $15 million, and grape must and other fermented beverage exports dropped 17% to $23 million in 1998.