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Fermented milk products have lower levels of lactose than milk, which makes them suitable for the consumption of people with a lactase deficiency.
Figure 3 shows the main attributes with the greatest impact on the evaluation of fermented milk beverage samples.
Heat-treated milk was then cooled and allowed to ferment spontaneously or back slopped with a previous batch of fermented milk. Fermentation occurred overnight at ambient temperature.
coli was 9.23% (24/260) with an isolation rate of 9.38% (15/160) and 9.0% (9/100) for raw and fermented milk, respectively.
Where [V.sub.NaOH] and [C.sub.NaOH] are normal volume and concentration of NaOH, respectively, and [m.sub.sample] is the mass of the sample of the fermented milk drink.
The viable counts of the fermented milk samples stored under refrigerated conditions were monitored every 3-4 day interval over 10 different monitoring points.
Mishti Doi is a fermented milk product with yellowish or creamish color with firm consistency, smooth texture and pleasant aroma (Raju and Pal, 2009).
Broken wheat is then added to the fermented milk and heated to cook the mixture and then a thick paste is left to cool and cut into pieces (usually 10 cm x 3-4 cm) and left to dry (sun or oven drying).
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine an optimal cultivation time of populations of yeast and LAB co-culture in fermented milk and the effects of SBMFM supplementation on rumen degradability in beef cattle using nylon bag technique.
The report considers, Fermented Milk as milk characterized by differing degrees of fermentation/sourness achieved using different bacteria which are ayran, laban, kefir, other major types of fermented milk and buttermilk.
In Turkey, scrolls about Abraham declare that his long life was due to fermented milk products.
ii) Then the fermented milk is churned for 15-20 minutes at 12-18C.