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The Recovery" chapter sheds light on fertility awareness methods of contraception and is particularly informative, making a strong argument that these underused contraceptive methods are available as non-hormonal alternatives and have the potential to reconnect women with the workings of their own bodies.
The document includes sections on various contraceptive methods, including abstinence, male and female condoms, vaginal spermicides, oral contraceptives, and emergency contraception, as well as a section on fertility awareness and other periodic abstinence methods.
Black Mountain, NC Fertility Awareness for Natural Birth Control: Discover a proven method used to plan or prevent a pregnancy, or simply learn more about your body's cycles.
He also describes fertility awareness and natural family planning and emergency contraception and provides a list of useful web sites.
Natural Fertility New Zealand educator Pam Munro enlightened delegates on fertility awareness.
Other contraceptive options include fertility awareness and voluntary surgical sterilization.
Learn fertility awareness to know your fertile time--reserve sex for times when you are fertile
THE kit, which has won enthusiastic backing from ISSUE, the National Fertility Association and the Worldwide Infertility Network, is designed to promote fertility awareness.
Requires a woman to only track the first day of her period in order to use; other fertility awareness methods require daily analysis of fertility symptoms.
The top IVF doctor is heading up the Fertility Awareness Week celebrations at the infirmary and Calderdale Royal which start on Monday and will see a team of experts operate a special question and answer service.
Best friends: Ellen O'Connor, 43, works in HR; Fiona Wolfenden, 43, acupuncturist; Dee Armstrong, 42, fertility awareness teacher.