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The participant's overall cardiovascular health was measured before and after eight weeks of FES cycling.
Ce programme s'inscrit dans le cadre de la convention de partenariat signee entre la commune urbaine de Fes, le ministere des Finances, le ministere de l'Industrie, du commerce et de l'investissement et de l'economie numerique, ainsi que la Region Fes-Meknes, la prefecture de Fes, la Chambre d'artisanat, de l'industrie et des services et l'Amicale de la zone industrielle.
We then investigated recognition accuracy and sensitivity of dynamic FEs in terms of correct responses and RTs.
The two parties agreed on organizing a conference on the decentralization, to highlight the importance of citizens' participation in the elections, as well as the FES providing capacity-building activities of civil society organizations in any effort related the democratic process and deepening the values of citizenship.
A low-dose, continuous injection iron sulphide scale inhibitor, Clariant Oil Services' patented Scaletreat FeS also targets and inhibits sulphide scales of zinc and lead.
Another indicator of the state of FES is our flagship publication, Florida Entomologist.
At FES we supply to the four corners of the world, and it means that we've got a strong order book.
The major purpose of the current work was to investigate the effects of administering different pulse durations (200, 350, and 500 (s [P200, P350, and P500, respectively]) on EE and muscle fatigue during FES cycling in person with SCI.
Since its creation in 1994, the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music aims to harness the arts and spirituality in the service of human and social development, and the relationship between peoples and cultures.
Fes is among Unesco's 890 prestigious World Heritage sites and is described as a jewel of Spanish-Arabic civilisation and outstanding well-preserved example of an ancient city.
These include FES using N-let pulse train [3], random modulation of stimulation parameters [4], and many more.