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From feet and urine to bondage and other inanimate objects like leather people have all interesting sexual desires and fetishes.
I remember being at a dinner party where we were talking about fetishes and sex.
Fetishes were believed to protect against evil spirits.
Fetishes are an integral aspect of adult human sexuality and come in all forms.
Now in an updated and expanded second edition, Native American Fetishes, isn't just for collectors of such: it's for any enthusiast of Native American history and culture, exploring the fetishes carved by artists from the Southwest Pueblos and linking pictures and text to cover not just collector's items, but the cultural and artistic implications of fetish production.
House Of Fetishes, Totems, And Cures: I, too, when arrived/still had a journey/to take.
Through their adhesions, these human effigies are made into images, even fetishes, and images and fetishes cannot form a genuine public, even though it is precisely to such reified identities, to the "dummies" they presume us to be, that politicians address themselves.
Bastard Sons of Addiction, Salba, and Mike Ness, a list of ridiculous fetishes, an ode to a dead friend, the difficult and rewarding life of being a carnie.
You neglected to mention issues of sex and race fetishes with respect to Asians.
Inappropriate substitutes for properly sexual objects, he writes, "are with some justice likened to the fetishes in which savages believe that their gods are embodied" (Freud [1905] 1975, 19).
James Anthony, president of the university's guild of students, said: 'It is focused on helping people who enjoy fetishes to do it in a safe way.