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To express the attenuation of FEXT in dB, which is more typical, the logarithm of the formulas (1) and (2) is used.
5m and after measuring the attenuation of all pairs and FEXT attenuation between all combinations of pairs (4 attenuations, 6 FEXT attenuations), 1m of a cable was cut and the measurements were performed again.
ref] is a FEXT attenuation for reference length of a cable [l.
From characteristics in above figures is evident that the simple standard FEXT model and ITU-T model provides only approximate FEXT estimations without its typical wavy character, therefore the results of these models are not very realistic.
Based on the previous conclusions and measurements, the improvement of standard simple FEXT model (1) is proposed.
The resulting advanced FEXT model with all previous conclusions and mathematical notation could be expressed as:
Using previously presented advanced FEXT model (5) and measured results for UTP cable, several comparisons between the advanced model and measured characteristics for different lengths of a UTP cable were made and are presented in following Fig.