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Noninvasive ventilation as BiPAP with PS 10 and PEEP 5 and FIO2 40% can be used if needed.
The result is the ability to see variability in not only patient status--for example, if the FiO2 data point increases, it signals a worsening oxygenation status that is a huge red flag - but also in clinical practice, such as weaning.
Once ROSC is achieved, adjust the FiO2 to maintain oxygen saturation between 94% and 99% (Table 1 Class IIb, LOE C), as hyperoxia can increase reperfusion injury after an ischemic insult.
The CMV was changed to high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV), with 100% FiO2, and nitric oxide (NO) at 40 ppm was initiated.
2] mayor de 89% y siendo posible la disminucion de la FIO2 de 5 a 1 litros/m durante las AVD.
Qp/Qs ratio was calculated with switching back to the respiratory measures and FiO2 values prior to surgery by obtaining blood gas samples from appropriate sites, Postoperative Qp/Qs ratio was calculated as 1.
Several days after extubation, hypoxemia with wide A-a gradient (622 mmHg while receiving 100% FiO2 via non-rebreathing mask) and orthodeoxia (SpO2 88% while in the supine position, decreasing to 79% upon assuming and upright posture) were notable.
Patients in Group I were ventilated throughout the CPB duration using 2ml/kg tidal volume at a respiratory rate of 15/min with FiO2 of 0.
The concentrations of NO and FiO2 were reduced every 6 to 12 hour if disease conditions of patients improved.
These measures are increasing the FiO2, non-dependent lung CPAP and dependent lung PEEP.