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Library manufacturers will be coming out with new products in the next year that will no longer require a SCSI connection to control the robot, but each tape drive will still require a dedicated Fibre Channel link to the SAN.
The arrival of 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel provided more ways to connect and introduced many more networking tools into the SAN toolbox, such as trunking and using backbone architectures to allow each speed to be used for best effect.
So, two distinct iSCSI product categories have emerged: cheap SAN systems for the masses and robust alternatives to Fibre Channel SANs for the enterprise.
OEMs can, however, capture market share by shipping the right Fibre Channel support in the right form factor to the right customers for the targeted market.
Reliability differences between Fibre Channel and iSCSI may drive users away from iSCSI.
Implementing a blended storage network, incorporating both IP and Fibre Channel SAN technologies, can change all that by bringing the benefits of the SAN to disconnected servers without the expense of FC connectivity.
Fibre Channel already preserves the SCSI command set intact, which allows it to interface with SCSI-enabled storage devices.