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com/reports/c39154) has announced the addition of E-Learning Course: Optical Fibre Principles to their offering.
Optical Fibre Links" is designed for study by those who are involved in the installation, testing and maintenance of optical fibre links.
Biodegradable and Sustainable Fibres' is a comprehensive monograph providing essential reference for anyone interested in the area and environmental issues relating to textiles including fibre and textile scientists and students, textile technologists, manufacturers, and forensic specialists in industry and academia.
Discusses the major fibre types, inlcuding bast fibres
com/reports/c19749) has announced the addition of Statistics: Fibre Production and Consumption in India to their offering
Trends in fibre production, productive capacity and consumption are examined, by fibre type.
Typically, optical fibres are fabricated by flame hydrolysis or chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes that use gases or high vapour pressure liquids as precursors.
Enterprises in the territory covered by the marketing agreement consume in the aggregate an estimated 850,000 tonnes of chrysotile fibre annually.
We are pleased that the FCIA has once again helped prevent industry fragmentation by providing a clear and concise roadmap for Fibre Channel migration as well as providing invaluable market feedback into the Fibre Channel standards community of engineering professionals," said Skip Jones, sitting Chairman of the Fibre Channel Industry Association.
EZ Fibre greatly simplifies SAN configuration," said Stuart Bridger, consultant -- storage area networks, ACAL Fibre Channel Solutions.
999% uptime in a Fibre Channel-based storage network is greatly enhanced with EZ Fibre," said Scott Ruple, vice president of marketing for JNI.