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In our study, the fibrocystic disease was the second most common condition.
The role of sex hormones in the pathogenesis of fibrocystic disease was confirmed by study showing that hormone replacement therapy prevents its development [7].
The FDA has now approved a randomized controlled trial on the benefits of molecular iodine for fibrocystic disease sponsored by Symbollon Pharmaceuticals.
Yet, when they discover their own breast mass, and their physician tells them not to worry because it is fibrocystic disease, which later turns out to be cancer, they become justifiably angry.
In addition to family history of the disease, other risks for breast cancer are early age at first menstrual period and proliferative fibrocystic disease.
The present study analyses the expression of CD34 in fibrocystic disease of breast and breast cancer.
FA and fibrocystic disease may share many indistinguishable cytological features.
Q MY lumpy breasts were diagnosed as fibrocystic disease.
Five women had multiple papillomatosis with severe atypia, and two had fibrocystic disease.
Josephine was only 31 when he removed her breasts because she was in agony from a fibrocystic disease which caused painful lumps in her breasts.
Fibrocystic disease is a "catch-all" phrase that encompasses breast diseases such as mammary dysplasia, lobular hyperplasia with evidence of cyst formation, apocrine metaplasia or atypia, collagenosis, fibrosclerosis, interstitial fibrosis, papillomatosis, sclerosing and fibrosing adenoses, fibroadenoma and intraductal papilloma.