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Amnesty International said Ebrahimi-Iraee's plight was linked to a fictional story that the authorities discovered in September 2014 when they ransacked the couple's house in Tehran and confiscated their belongings.
information, regardless of whether they were retelling a research report or a fictional story.
Pinocchio is the main character in a fictional story about a wooden puppet.
The interplay between the fictional story is played out by actors and the subsequent conclusion of the story in a real courtroom, with a working magistrate is thrilling, informative and challenging.
Frank and Fiona Build a Fictional Story Rachel Lynette, author
couple of weeks, Coronation Street has been at the centre of a fictional story that gripped the nation - and a real-life drama.
Synopsis: The Man Inside the Mountain is the fictional story of Essie Bell, a woman living on her farm in rural West Virginia in the last few months of the Civil War.
They use the fictional story of one leader to illustrate how to articulate the higher purposes of an organization, commit to this greater goal, create shared goals among all stakeholders, coach teams to achieve them, align all functions around the goals and purposes, and drive higher organizational performance and build on success.
The Steven Spielberg-directed film War Horse is proving a massive box-office hit and tells the fictional story of the role that horses played in World War I.
Some of the events told by his parents have been a framework of fact around which the fictional story has been woven.
Preston Miller's "God's Land" mines the transcripts of the group's actual press conferences for the context (and often the dialogue) of this fictional story about a true believer, his unbelieving wife and their 8-year-old son.
Have a Nice Conflict: A Story of Finding Success & Satisfaction in the Most Unlikely Places" uses the fictional story of John Doyle to tell the story of bad conflict management and how to turn it into a positive.