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Des le XVIIe siecle, les autorites en presence, en particulier la Compagnie des Cent-Associes, dotent genereusement en fiefs les principales communautes et institutions religieuses (7) de la colonie (8).
Nous pourrions aussi signaler le Credit foncier franco-canadien qui touche 320 193,605 pour ses 19 seigneuries ou parties de fiefs.
fiefs (FEEFS): the estates of feudal lords in the Middle Ages.
Five of the fiefs, Penrice, Port Eynon, Oxwich, Nicholaston and Penmaen plus the Lord's manor of Pennard, stood apart from the others in that documentary evidence suggests they were colonised by people from the south-west of England.
Yet a modest acquaintance with Japanese managerial practices points to fiefs and clans as viable and stable transactional options (Ouchi 1981; Boisot 1983; Dore 1973; Pasoale and Athos 1983; Abbeglen 1974) when these are embedded in 'high context' cultures (Hall 1977; Granovetter 1985) in which intensive socialization efforts and high trust relationships act to keep opportunism and bounded rationality in check.
According to its purest form, the king owns all the land over which he rules, but gives portions of it as inheritable fiefs to his vassals, in exchange for loyalty and a specified amount of military service.
Les troupes gouvernementales irakiennes, appuyees par des unites paramilitaires et la coalition internationale sous commandement americain, sont a deux doigts de faire mordre la poussiere a Daech a Tal Afar, l'un de ses derniers fiefs, rapporte l' AFP ce dimanche 27 aout 2017.
Depuis qu'ils ont ete chasses du pouvoir en 2001 par une coalition emmenee par les Etats-Unis, les talibans concentrent leurs attaques dans leurs fiefs du Sud.
THE Uttar Pradesh government did not look farther than the ruling Samajwadi Party's fiefs while choosing litterateurs for coveted posts in the state to give a boost to Hindi literature.
Noble mines the papers to develop the world in which they lived, both social and domestic, with a wealth of detail about the members of the household, the people of the surrounding countryside, the interaction of the Stonors with officials and others in positions of power, the complex establishment and function of fiefs, and the impact over time on their lands and powers of the rulers of England.
Released to fight against the Saracens in Spain, he again wins favor and is eventually given the fiefs of Hainaut and Brabant.