Field Audit

Field Audit

A systematic investigation by the Internal Revenue Service of a taxpayer's financial records and his or her tax return that is conducted at the taxpayer's place of business or at the office of the individual who prepared the return.

A field audit differs from a correspondence audit and an office audit in the location where it occurs.


Income Tax.

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Introducing the government compliance programme, Mohammed bin Salim al Araimi, compliance specialist at ITA, said, 'This programme aims to ensure that government entities comply with the circulars and policies issued by ITA in the field of information technology and its various areas through self-assessment and field audit activities.
Frequently, a lack of internal staff preparation for the audit in account reconciliation and analysis leads to an intermittent field audit process.
Prior to the National Exit Conference, field audit teams (FAT) were formed in nine selected regions in the country, PARC Secretariat Director James Arsenio Ponce said.
"The complainants have concluded a criminal charge against us without actual field audit, in violation of our Constitutional right to due process," she also said.
During audit year 2017-18 the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan audited 8,746 audit formations with Rs 10623 billion audited expenditure out of total 39,425 formations with Rs 12451 billion total auditable expenditure which reflects the working and achievements of DAGP with regard to set targets and goals for its field audit formations, said Auditor General of Pakistan,Javaid Jehangir, here while chairing the meeting of Policy Board of DAGP.
'This reflects the working and achievements of DAGP with regard to set targets and goals for its field audit formations,' said Audit General of Pakistan, Javaid Jehangir, while chairing the meeting of Policy Board of DAGP.
The AGP directed that all Director Generals of Field Audit Offices should submit their audit plans to AGP till April 2018 so that filed audits could be carried out in timely manner.
The BIR also suspended or terminated any further investigation, field audit or any form of business visitation pursuant to those mission orders unless otherwise authorized in writing.
According to Ministry of Finance and Revenue sources, the main aim of the construction of the Federal Audit Complex, is to provide a comprehensive and one building to the three field audit offices to one place.
The donor organisations, countries and international development partners also repose their trust in the AGP for the accountability of their loans and grants, he added.He said that the department has been striving to introduce modern audit techniques and technologies, and has upgraded its audit manuals, field audit and reporting guidelines, and introduced audit command language (ACL).
The new audit approach has been initiated in all Field Audit Offices by allocating at least 30% of their resources for performance audit activity.

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