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The last half-day of the meeting started with a discussion by researchers from Mexico, Lebanon, India, South Africa and Brazil about the feasibility, research design and potential methods of carrying out field studies for sex-related disorders.
Because today's digital generation may be more stimulated by digital mobile devices than by traditional verbal and written presentations (Small & Vorgan, 2008), learning via QR-code-decoding on smartphones may more effectively motivate interest in learning about natural fauna than traditional field studies that use printed field guides.
Daniel Moncrieff, from the Field Studies Council, said: "This is fantastic news and the perfect Christmas present.
He and his USSL colleagues have shown, time and time again, that when seeking certain types of volatilization data, the lab can yield the same results as those painstakingly obtained from complex field studies.
By describing her field studies as a personal journey to discover the history of the eastern deciduous forest from ancient time to the present, Delcourt makes the challenges and rewards of scientific investigation come alive to all who read this book.
of the University of Michigan led the pioneering field studies of inactivated polio vaccine that led to the April 12, 1955, announcement.
The first field method takes place in situ, in the exact location about which the text being studied was written, I term this method "place-based field studies," since it focuses on the particular places emphasized in environmental texts.
A Spanish Language version of the JASON XV curriculum and a JASON Aquatic Field Study Kit, which includes all equipment needed to conduct field studies for 30 student, are also available.
Few field studies focus on anthelmintic treatment of definitive hosts.
The field studies include visits to private homes, industry, cultural exhibits, farms, schools, sporting events, civic activities and historical points of interest.
To assess those achievements, we conducted laboratory tests and field studies during the last 10 years.