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In regard to the selection of field experiment locations, control and treatment locations with a PA near unity indicates that systematic factors similarly influence the outcome measure of interest (e.
14]C-labelled long-term field experiment, the powdered soils (n = 4) from 1992 were compared with soil samples sieved to <2 mm, to rule out artefacts during AC determinations.
Social Comparisons and Pro-Social Behavior: Testing 'Conditional Cooperation' in a Field Experiment.
The significant effect of elaiosome removal was not evident in our field experiment but was evident in our laboratory experiment.
158 ([dagger]) Units depend on whether a field experiment F1, F2, F3, or a glasshouse experiment, G1, G2, G3.
Compared to field experiment using full-scale objects, wind tunnel tests typically use small-scale models, which make it possible to change the shape or size of the object and then analyze the data.
A second field experiment was set up during the second week of October 1999 at Ukulinga Farm, near Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal on a shallow, poorly drained soil underlain by soft plinthite (Table 1), classified as Westleigh form, Helena family (Soil Classification Working Group 1991), Typic Plinthaquept (Soil Survey Staff 1998), and Hydrosol (Isbell 1996).
An integral part of this year's field experiment was data gathered by instruments borne on NASA's Terra satellite and on airplanes, including the agency's high-flying ER-2 reconnaissance aircraft that tracked and analyzed the movement of fires and smoke.
To determine the importance of selected key variables in successful training programs a field experiment was conducted in a corporate setting.
The experimental protocol was similar to the first experiment with the exceptions that we fed Lepomis 2 bullfrog larvae and 2 green frog larvae ([approximately]100 mg) three times per week, which better matched the experimental conditions of the field experiment that was run concurrently.
Field Experiment Gopher was one such experiment using mustard gas against our own troops that was conducted during WWII.